Stargear Aircraft CREator's School by Takaty

Learn to make aircraft, maps and more with all of the tools. All the tutorials you will ever need are located here.

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Stargear Aircraft CREator's School by Takaty

Postby Iceman » Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:52 pm

These tutorials are in no way intellectual property of YSFlight Headquarters. We are merely providing a free translation of the amazing tutorial that Takaty has up on his website. All credit for any information in these tutorials go to Takaty and StarGear.


Stargear Aircraft CREator's School
By Takaty of StarGear




Welcome to SACreS. This is a tutorial for the free flight simulator YS FLIGHT SIMULATION SYSTEM 2000, and I will clearly explain techniques required to make aircraft, to keep it a tutorial for beginners.

Basically, to complete this tutorial, you will follow the menu to the last tutorial part to complete the aircraft. The aircraft itself can be easily fabricated, as it is fictitious and equipment in our aircraft is moderately easy to make. The menu is available, so that once I've added specification tables and reference sites in the future, you can refer to it when creating your own favorite aircraft.

In addition, at the end of each lesson, "homework" may be provided. Please do it, because it leads to the next step. Most of the work is easy, and you can refer back to the tutorial when needed. Don't worry about it being too hard.

Let's get started right away.



Table Of Contents
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