[IMPROV] YSFHQ Sound Pack v1

i.e. weapons, sounds, ground tiles, etc.
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[IMPROV] YSFHQ Sound Pack v1

Post by Iceman »

This is the release of the first YSFHQ Sound Pack. All sounds are heavy modifications from sounds that I've acquired from various sources, and will enhance your YSFlight experience.

Credits: LOMAC, Youtube
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ytytho3dlvczawd
How to install: Extract the sound folder into your root YSFlight directory.
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Re: YSFHQ Sound Pack v1

Post by CharleyHotel »

red baron
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Re: YSFHQ Sound Pack v1

Post by red baron »

That was fast :D Thanks Iceman
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Re: YSFHQ Sound Pack v1

Post by tigershark »

awesome sounds iceman
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Re: YSFHQ Sound Pack v1

Post by DavideV »

Wow, great work! I totally love the gear sound...
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Re: YSFHQ Sound Pack v1

Post by dustydan1995 »

I love the sound pack. one thing i suggest changing is the propeller sound
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Re: YSFHQ Sound Pack v1

Post by Honey Badger »

(no, I am not stalking you) The prop does need work. Too quite.
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