How long have YOU been in YSF?

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Re: How long have YOU been in YSF?

Post by Eric » Wed Nov 13, 2013 5:51 pm

MrFunnybone wrote:
Eric wrote:I remember MURDERER...though I think he just trolled everyone rather than hacked them. I also remember starting the now-defunct BATS Squadron with LightWings (can't remember his old username).

Now, does anyone remember Justin and Riley? This must've been back in 2007 or 2008. We used to hang out on Teamspeak together.

When you say Riley do you mean rileyturkey? And Justin as justen not relevant? Riley was on your server several months ago I think. Said he had gotten a 'life' and a girlfriend I believe, don't know if he had one before I didn't know him too well anyways.

Edit: oh yeah and you created BATS? I thought sword or venom did.
Yeah, rileyturkey. And no, not "justen not relevant", there was another user whose username was like Justin253 or some series of numbers. As for BATS, I was more of an advisor/supporter than a co-founder I suppose. But what was Sword's full username? Sounds familiar.
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