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Navigation. How?

Posted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:32 pm
by kiwiflieger
I know quite a bit about YSFlight since I joined this forum but there's one thing I don't know; navigation.
When I select a VOR station, it comes up on the compass with some symbols that means nothing to me. How do I navigate to
places? (I understand the NDB and ILS, so don't worry about that.)

Please reply soon.

Re: Navigation. How?

Posted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:35 pm
by Dision
You could download the navigation planner app from YSupload too.
If that's more easier...

Re: Navigation. How?

Posted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 9:15 pm
by Mobiyus
From what I've seen most people struggling with navigation don't even know you can/how to rotates instruments. so here's how.

There's an arrow in the compass. With nothing selected, it points north by default. When you select a VOR from the NAV1 menu, it pops on the compass and the middle part of the arrow disapears (It keeps pointing north tho). Using ''7'' and ''8'' keys (Default), you can rotate the arrow until that middle line realign with the outer lines, meaning that the arrow is now pointing in the direction of the selected VOR. Now turn your aircraft in that direction and you will be either going directly towards, or directly away from selected VOR.
Right next to the arrow, there's a small triangle. That triangle tells you if you're going away or towards the VOR. If it points in front of you, VOR's in front of you, if it points behind you, VOR's behind you.

the process is about the same for NAV2, but the display is somewhat different. (NAV2 is useful to know if you're veering off course)

In short... Rotate the arrow and I'm sure you'll see soon enough what's going on.

I hope I've been clear enough. If not just tell I'll re-explain with pictures.

Re: Navigation. How?

Posted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 9:47 pm
by Barr
Basically what mobiyus said. Or you can read mine( I type slow and didnt see mobiyus's response) Let's say for example your flying from Honolulu to molokai on the stock Hawaii map on the latest stable version of ys.

Let's say you spawn at RW 8R. Go press the "L" key until the "station for nav2" dialog pops up at the top( I find nav2 to be a lot simpler and better for vor). You should now see a list of diffrent airports and ils. Of course "0" will exit the dialog without selecting a station, "1-8" for the nearest stations and the "9" tocycle thru other pages if there are more.

Since we wanna head to molokai we'll select the molokai station. It should be about 50 miles out. On the hud you should see a secondary compass pop up on the right. It should say lanai and the distance from the station. You should also notice the larger triangle in the top right part of the compass, a needle and a curved dotted line. The triangle will tell you if you're traveling to or from the station, up being to and down from. The line will "sway" on the dotted line and it's tells you where the airport is from your flight path.

Now that you selected the molokai station in your nav2 compass you'll now need to adjust it with the 7 or 8 key. 7 will rotate it left and 8 right. Keep rotating it till the needle is perfectly centered and the "to/from" triangle is pointing up. The indicator triangle should be in between the E and 12 or about heading 110. What this means is that if you fly a straight line from your position flying heading 110 for 50 miles you will eventually fly over Molokai.

Simple right? Now all you have to do is takeoff and correct you heading as soon as possible to 110 and cruise till you have visual of molokai.

If the needle starts to sway left or right while enroute simply rotate the nav2 compass until the line is centered take note of the heading and correct your planes heading to match it.

If your flying long routes you'll have to select way points and fly over airports or near them until you desired station pops up in the dialog.

If you use the navplanner it'll make things a whole lot easier. Simply select point a and b take note of the heading and fly a straight line using that heading until you have visual.

You can also read up sojis tutorial in the ys manual if I didn't make myself clear

Re: Navigation. How?

Posted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:28 am
by kiwiflieger
I have two words to say to Mobiyus and Barracuz; THANK YOU. I have been enlightened!