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YSFlight Korea announcement - translation & moving

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 7:44 am
by DD-Destroyer
*This is official translation message that written in September 3rd on YSFlight Korea Facebook page.

Hello to all YSFLIGHT Korea members. Large amount of long time has been passed that I almost forgot what I posted. I'm very regret that didn't do my job as a senior staff.

Current chief is hard to contact due to job searching, and all of staffs including vice-manager Saky are currently serving military duty. As what I can sure, none of them will report discharge in this year.
Yeah... In other words, even if I take my full efforts, our community is like empty venue.

There are many people who join or leave community still, I'm very sorry and want you understand that I can't be at your service in best. Also this means we can't provide any helps in close future.

I want to tell you that I and Saky is trying to revive the community in last attempt. We don't know whether we are eligible to stay here morally, but as an executive level, we want to take final responsibility. However, I can't sure that this project ends successful.

What I'm able to disclose is very limited. I'm not considering others. Even though I disclose, I'm very worrying about aftermath(like fail your expectation with uncertain contents) so I don't

The project is very large and uncleared, thus I can't reveal something detail. We actually in unknown way.

I just feel to say that we are doing something from small things.