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Post by Raven » Sun Dec 11, 2011 9:07 pm

TacView as some of you may have heard about before is a acmi player. A acmi is a in flight recorded video made in game during a falcon 4.0 session.

Why am I posting this on a YsFlight simulator forum? Educational purposes...

I'm not sure if ysflight records can be played through tacview but I'm gonna doing some trial and error and see if its possible. Anyways.. if you a air combat savy, and want to become better, learn bfm, acm and hone your skills in, this will be excellent for you. My intentions, and where im trying to go with this is.. you don't have to have falcon 4.0 to use this program (tacview).. I fly falcon throught the day when ys is slow, my callsign while flying falcon is Banshee.. and I have numerous recordings I want to share with you, let you study, and let you all learn from.

The tacview program is 120MB, if your afraid to download a file that small, ask yourself is 120mb worth the skill that can be learned from watching these recordings. Download link to to the tacview program= https://www.file1.info/xOaPNN7

Its an .exe, simple install.
Also, make sure you save the .exe then double click and install.
Once you have tacview installed. Create a folder named falcon replays on your desktop, so it'll be easily found.. next download the replay of mine, and place it inside the falconreplays folder I aksed to you to created earlier in post. Donwload link: http://www.mediafire.com/?amoink40ybqg195

Now open up tac view, select the bansheeVSZigZag.vhs file useing tac view, and enjoy. (Ihope).

I'm sure some of ya'll will have questions and comments, I'll try to help.

Note: This was a online multiplayer session, this guy was talking hard shit saying he was a "ace", also note this is one of the most realistic flight combat silulators to date.. I crashed first round (pitty).. next round I overwhelmed him in the virtical fight, next round out maneuved him in the rolling, and virtical sissors.. He left the arena before I could guns on him..pussy. Anyway,
"The Aggressor Order"

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