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YSFHQ VA Certification

Posted: Sat Nov 07, 2015 8:49 pm
by jetskit
The HQ Civilian Staff have decided to restart the YSFHQ VA Certification Program after some discussion with members. The details of which are posted below. All VAs must re-apply for certification even if you were certified back when the program was running in 2011... (thanks to Wingz for the old certification requirements)

If you are thinking on starting a VA it is recommended that you read the VA Quick-start guide created by Dan
- Found Here

(Please note, if your VA is named after a real airline which is still operating, you must ensure that you have permission to use their brand name before attempting to become certified as this can result in numerous copyright issues.)

Requirements for Certification
  • To become a certified airline, your VA must prove that it has a simple leadership structure, you should also have a fleet which you intend to fly on designated routes (these could be on any map) the fleet doesn't necessarily need to be painted in a paint scheme, for example your virtual airline might fly the stock aircraft. It is vital that you have at least 3 active members (this can include the CEO and VP) The virtual airline must also be engaged in the community at the time they request certification.
Please note that it is at the discretion of the YSFHQ Staff to determine which airlines shall receive a certificate.

Benefits of Certification
Certification makes a Virtual Airline eligible to request a sub-forum and a usergroup, along with the power to advertise the VA on HQ. You will also receive a certificate and a badge for your website to show that you are certified. We will also give awards based on which airline is the most active within the community.

Activity check
Certified VAs must be active, therefore we would require the number of flights completed every 2 months from your VA, this will allow us to see which VA is the most active, and the VAs who could use assistance with recruiting and etc. This means that you must keep a record of the number of flights completed. This will also be used for awarding VAs for their efforts.

We don't request that you become certified, we are in no way stopping you from creating and running an airline, we just recommend becoming certified so that we can give you the best experience possible!

Re: YSFHQ VA Certification

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:49 pm
by jetskit
Speeding things up!

Fast Airways is now a YSFHQ Certified VA -
- 07/11/2015

Abel Jets Virtual Airline is now a YSFHQ Certified VA -
- 07/11/2015

National and Commuter Airlines is now a YSFHQ Certified VA -
- 08/11/2015

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