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2019 YSFlight Thunderbirds Recruiting Thread

Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 11:00 pm
by Indy

The 2019 YSFlight Thunderbird team would like to announce the accepting of applicants for the rest of the 2019 show season! The current list of open slots for the 2019 show season include:

#2 | Left Wing
#3 | Right Wing
#4 | Slot
#6 | Opposing Solo

Our team is filled with dedicated, motivated, aviation driven dreamers and flight simulator enthusiasts who spend countless hours training and preparing together before each and every show that we fly. We are always looking for potential future team members that are willing to take part in helping accomplish the mission and achieving the goal of a near-perfect performance every time. Click "APPLY NOW" to see the full list of requirements needed in able to join and be apart of YSFlight's premiere virtual demonstration team and carry on the over a decade-old YSFlight Thunderbirds legacy. If any questions come about, we encourage you to post about them in this thread or private message us as we would like to answer any questions as well.