Heritage Flight Team (NOW RECRUITING!)

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Heritage Flight Team (NOW RECRUITING!)

Post by Toro » Sat Apr 17, 2021 6:40 am

Heritage Flight Team (NOW RECRUITING!)



Beginning with the 50th anniversary of the United States Air Force in 1997, the USAF Heritage Flight, conducted by Air Combat Command, has been a staple of airshows for nearly 25 years. Flown by both civilian and military pilots, its purpose is to trail the USAF's storied history from the days of the Army Air Corps to the present.

Here at the Heritage Flight Team, our mission is to enrich gameplay by bringing this live experience back to the various airshow events of YSFlight Headquarters, following in the footsteps of show performers past. Preceding the famous formation event itself, we will also be featuring some of the most forceful solo performances the United States Air Force has to offer. In coordination with the staff of the YS Airshow Council, we intend to make our flying debut in the not-too-distant future. If you feel you have what it takes to be a part of this effort, read on for more information regarding joining the team.

  • Lt.Col. Garret "Toro" Schmitz (Toro) - F-16 Viper
  • Maj. Travis "Wedge" Hawkins (HawkbitAlpha) - F-15E Strike Eagle
  • Maj. Jordan "Gordo" Koford (Gordo) - F-35A Lightning II
  • Narrator
  • WWII Warbird (P-51, P-47, P-40, or P-38)
  • Korea/Vietnam Warbird (A-1 or F-86)
  • F-22
  • A-10
  • Decent skill at online formation flying - we would prefer to fly our performance live instead of in replays.
  • Must be able to practice somewhat often (i.e. once a week, though this may change).
  • Having a microphone ready to use for voice chat is strongly recommended, though for skilled enough flyers, not required.
  • Please also have an internet connection suitable enough to not lag while flying, on top of already-existing distance lag.
  • Must not be toxic, or engage in toxic behavior.
  • Most importantly: love YSFlight aerobatics!

If you feel you can meet these requirements, and would like to sign up for the team, feel free to contact Gordo, HawkbitAlpha, or myself (Toro) either here on HQ or on Our Discord, and let us know. We'll evaluate your application in short order!

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Re: Heritage Flight Team (NOW RECRUITING!)

Post by Gordo » Sun Apr 18, 2021 5:58 am

We will keep the thread updated with announcements, and anything else we feel is important!

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