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YS Military Airshows Association (YSMAA)

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2021 1:45 am
by HawkbitAlpha

The YS Military Airshows Association (YSMAA) is YSFlight's newest aerobatics association, and the official airshow promotion of the 2nd United Combat Wing, YSFHQ's leading combat squadron since 2019. Headquartered at 2UCW's home base of NAS Madobe, our mission is simple: to promote the military aircraft-based side of YSFHQ aerobatics and, in doing so, bring together both portions of the YSFlight community. We intend not to compete with the already-active YS Airshow Council and YS Aerobatics Association, but to complement them, hosting our own events at points in the year normally not tapped by other organizers.


  • HawkbitAlpha (Wedge), Server Host & Organizer - Flight Instructor of 2UCW and a regular performer in airshows hosted by YSAC and YSAA. Best known in the aerobatics community for representing 2UCW as the pilot of the F-20 Whizzing Arrow, Hawk hosts the 2UCW Server used by the YSMAA, and is the primary event organizer for the promotion's airshows.
  • Gordo, Co-Host - A certified "Deathcap" pilot of 2UCW with a background as an airshow performer and presenter in the Roblox airshows community. On top of flying his own performances in events, Gordo is YSMAA's founding airshow narrator, giving the voice to the action.
  • Swift, Modder - Though a member of 2UCW today, Swift, an alumnus of GrunSol and MIRAI, is also a valued contributor to the YSMAA team, helping to prepare various event assets for use in airshows.


Beginning later this year, we at YSMAA plan to kick off our activities by hosting the first annual Thunder Over Madobe, a hybrid waterfront and land-based airshow staged directly adjacent to the 2UCW home base. Utilizing the unique peninsula-based geography and layout of NAS Madobe, our aim is to establish the first recurring waterfront airshow since the end of VNAF AirFest in 2016. As indicated by the name of the promotion, our focus is on military aviation, and we encourage potential entrants into Thunder Over Madobe to develop performances based around that theme, be it past or present, east or west, fixed-wing or rotary... okay, you get the idea.

In addition to Thunder Over Madobe, our secondary future plan upon launch is to look into rebooting the YS Royal International Air Tattoo, which had its last iteration in 2013. This will depend heavily on the reception to our debut with TOM, so at the moment, this will not be covered further.

With this said, we simply wish to bring more to the experience of the YSFHQ aerobatics community, and to our fellow YS pilots in the world of combat. We may be a new organization in the field, but with a fair amount of experience and guidance backing our efforts, we intend to make our impact in the overall YSFHQ community... and hopefully, in a positive way.

YSMAA Co-Founder, Organizer


Re: YS Military Airshows Association (YSMAA)

Posted: Mon Jul 19, 2021 2:06 am
by HawkbitAlpha
It's time for some good and bad news. Let's start with the bad.

Due to troubles regarding major compatibility issues with the map, we at YSMAA have decided to indefinitely postpone the debut of our home airshow, Thunder Over Madobe. This isn't to say that ToM will never take place, but as it stands now, we need more time to prepare the map for its intended use and get it up to standards for a proper YSFHQ airshow.

In the meantime, we will instead be putting our secondary plan into action. With that said, we are very excited to announce that, in collaboration with YSAA's Alpha Star as narrator, the YS Military Airshows Association will be hosting the 2021 YS Royal International Air Tattoo (YSRIAT), the first iteration of YSRIAT in nearly 8 years. No official date has been set just yet, but our tentative staging time at the moment is in early to mid-October. An event thread will be posted here on YSFHQ once we get closer to the date.

Re: YS Military Airshows Association (YSMAA)

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2021 7:50 pm
by HawkbitAlpha
It's almost show time again!

At the Indy Air Fest, our music services team at YSMAA, fronted by the bot known as DJ Pon-3, succeeded in its first trial run. Independent of YSAC, we hosted the music for the IAVA Flight of Resilience, Viper, and Strike Eagle displays.

This weekend, we'll be taking a stab at a larger-scale effort: our music team is joining forces with Tigershark to co-host this weekend's RAF Waddington International Airshow! This event has been quite a long time in the making, and we hope our assistance will bring out its best potential.