[MAR 10-11] YS Warbird and Light Aviation Show (YSAA)

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[MAR 10-11] YS Warbird and Light Aviation Show (YSAA)

Post by Alpha Star »

YS Warbird and Light Aviation Show

Friday March 10th 2023 2330UTC / 1830EST
Saturday March 11th 2023 2100UTC / 1600EST

Its back! After a year missed the Warbird and Light Aviation Show returns, and this time with a Friday Night Fly In.
This years show will run slightly differently to normal so please made sure you've read the demo brief!
We look forward to seeing you at the iconic Goodwood motor circuit, one of the oldest racing tracks in the UK, and home to many light aircraft and warbirds.
Like before, the show will be split into 2 different shows. The first half dedicated to warbirds, the second half for light aviation and modern aircraft. We will be operating from a small grass airfield again, so please make sure the aircraft you fly is suitable for the airfield.

Friday night we will have a fly-in. Airshow participants are encouraged to fly the aircraft then plan to display from one of the airfields located around the map to the showsite at Goodwood. This will be a casual fun event for anyone to come and just have a fly and play.

General Information
Server IP: TBC
Map: TBC
Discord: TBC

Sign Up/Demo briefing
This year is slightly different so please read carefully.
2 solo displays per pilot please!
There is 1 replay slot on the schedule, so please state if your demo is a replay, and we will confirm if yours has been chosen for the show.
There is 1 slot for fast jet performances. These displays will be a remote start in the form of a small display/flypast for fighter aircraft displays / large airliner flypasts. Sign up what you like, and we will choose and confirm with plenty of time for practice.

Fill out this form in a reply to this post!

Display name:
Aircraft download:
Fast jet performance?:

Friday Fly-In

Server Opens - 2300UTC

Event begins 2330UTC

Saturday Performances

Server Opens - 2000UTC

Airshow Starts - 2100UTC

Opening Performance - Alpha Star

B-17/P-51 Flypast/Display - Mustang / HawkbitAlpha

Short & Curly (Short Stirling) - Tigershark

Virtual Spitfire Aerobatics/Flypast - Eren "Swoop" Oymak

ME-262 Restoration Project - HawkbitAlpha

Typhoon flypast - Alpha Star


GlideYS S-1 Swift - Alpha Star

Tucano of Night City - MD5Ray01

VCAP Overkill Aerobatics (Extra) - HawkbitAlpha
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Re: [MAR 10-11] YS Warbird and Light Aviation Show (YSAA)

Post by HawkbitAlpha »

Display name: B-17 & P-51 Formation + P-51 Solo Display
Pilot: Mustang (P-51), HawkbitAlpha (B-17)
Download: TBA
Duration: 15 Mins.
Replay/fast jet? No

Display name: Me 262 Restoration Project
Pilot: HawkbitAlpha
Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6ndd3y5a ... P.zip/file
Duration: 10 Mins.
Replay/fast jet? No

Display name: VCAP Overkill Aerobatics
Pilot: HawkbitAlpha
Download: download/file.php?id=686
Duration: 8 Mins.
Replay/fast jet? No

All three displays will have music and narration handled by me.

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Re: [MAR 10-11] YS Warbird and Light Aviation Show (YSAA)

Post by Swifty »

Display name:Virtual Spitfire Aerobatics/Flypast
Pilot:Eren "Swoop" Oymak
Aircraft download:https://www.mediafire.com/?fdb0xy8sfk4xbeb
Duration:10-15 Mins
Notes:Might be a possible formation
Fast jet performance?:
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Re: [MAR 10-11] YS Warbird and Light Aviation Show (YSAA)

Post by MD5Ray01 »

Display name: Tucano of Night City
Pilot: MD5Ray01
Aircraft download: TBA
Duration: 6-8 minutes
Replay?: No
Fast jet performance?: No

Display name: The Shadow Dagger
Pilot: MD5Ray01
Aircraft download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1d2cch9uz ... dagger.zip
Duration: 6.5 minutes
Replay?: No
Fast jet performance?: Nada
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Re: [MAR 10-11] YS Warbird and Light Aviation Show (YSAA)

Post by tigershark »

Display name: short and curly
Pilot: Tigershark
Aircraft download: TBA
Duration: 10 -15 minits
Replay?: NO
Fast jet performance?: NO
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