Darkfire Aero Display

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Darkfire Aero Display

Post by HawkbitAlpha » Fri Jul 18, 2014 1:48 am

Judgement Day is approaching...


After a lengthy absence from YS, the Sukhoi enthusiast is back in action. During this time, the usage of Flanker-class aircraft was rethought...
And thus, this glory of an SU-47 was born...

The Berkut...
A jet repainted by KDFire, the Darkfire differentiates from the idea that the Flanker-class is the best for any extreme aerobatics. Combining aerobatics with pyrotechnics, this jet has much more ability than you would expect from a Berkut.

The pilot...
After experimenting with various different types of aerobatic performances online and offline, HawkbitAlpha, a member of YS since early 2011, has finally stepped into the game. With over 500 hours registered in flight in various aircraft, he's making his official debut in the aerobatic scene soon.

so long suckers! i throttle up my tigershrak and create a huge cloud of dust. when the cloud dissipates im lying completely dead on the tarmac

~~HawkbitAlpha ("Wedge", 2UCW Mamba #4)

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