Current Aerobatic Teams SOUND OFF

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Current Aerobatic Teams SOUND OFF

Post by Eric » Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:40 am

As NightRaven pointed out, our List of YS Flight Aerobatic Teams & Demonstrations is severely out-of-date. Let's fix that.

If you lead an aerobatic team, reply to this post with some information about your team, similar to the following quoted text. Preferably quote this post, copy out VNAF Aerobatics's part, and remove everything else. Your reply should be in the same format as below.

YOU HAVE UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH TO SOUND OFF. At that point, the original topic will get updated and info on dormant teams will be hidden.

[quote]VNAF Aerobatics
"From MaxG to the MaxFlanker, VNAF never disappoints a crowd expecting to be removed from their seats."

[spoiler=Team Introduction]VNAF Aerobatics is an active civilian squad based on skilled and unrivaled aerobatic performance. VNAF does not consist of aerobatic pilots, it consists of aerobatic professionals. VNAF presents the potential for excellence in the YS Aerobatic community. This potential is displayed in several varying demonstrations specifically owned by VNAF Aerobatics and Sky Surfer, a partner of VNAF. One of the most exciting things about VNAF Aerobatics demonstrations, is that the performance will almost never be the same routine. There is always something new to expect and desire from VNAF.

MaxFlanker - VNAF's premiere demonstration belongs to the MaxFlanker, demonstrating unbelieveable characteristics of flight in an exotic way. Simple flight events such as stalling, takeoff, and landing are all dramatized in this demo. The MaxFlanker is truly exhilerating and can easily make an observer's heart stop and awe at the amazing maneuvers that this jet can perform. The MaxFlanker Demo is a must see at any airshow.

MaxG Demo Team - This newly formed team comprises of a solo and dual act in the Extra 330SC. This high performance demonstration shows the precision and professionalism of aerobatics. Once the show begins, one or both aircraft immediately demonstrate the ultimate skill and impressive performance of the aircraft. Though the solo routine is exciting enough, the dual routine causes the crowd to have to focus on both aircraft at almost all times in the fear that something will be missed.

More to come![/spoiler][spoiler=Team Information]Aircraft: 1x Sukhoi Su-27 "MaxFlanker", 2x Extra 330SC "MaxG Demo TEam"

CEO: VNAF ONE, Other Pilots: See Roster

Web Links: Facebook Page | VNAF Sub-Forum | Official Website
[/spoiler][spoiler=Previous Airshow Appearances]2012
2012 YS Flight International Airshow (YSAS), September 29th-30th (MaxG Demo Team)
2012 VNAF 'AirFest' (VNAF), August 4th-5th (MaxFlanker and MaxG Demo Team)

2011 Independence Day Air Expo (YSAS), August 5th (MaxFlanker Day/Night)
2011 YS Terre-De-Haut Light Aircraft Show (YSAA), July 14th (C182)
2011 YS Flight International Airshow (YSAS), June 18th-19th (MaxFlanker)
2011 YS Stone Lake Airshow (UKAA), June 11th-12th (MaxFlanker)
2011 YS Sendai Air Festival (YSAS), April 2nd-3rd (MaxFlanker)[/spoiler]
I make this website.

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Re: Current Aerobatic Teams SOUND OFF

Post by Margatroid » Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:31 pm

I will also have my eye on this topic, as the wikia also needs to be updated as well. Furthermore, if anyone has any information about what the active Virtual Airshow Associations are, feel free to let me know that as well or feel free to update it on the wikia yourself.

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Re: Current Aerobatic Teams SOUND OFF

Post by Nodoka Hanamura » Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:51 pm

Mahora Demonstration Team

Boasting a State of the Art Hyper-Manuverable Variant of the Sukhoi Corporation's Su-35, the Mahora Demonstration Team is currently a one man team led by Nodoka "Rathgrith" Hanamura, hoping to aspire to be one of the many respected aerobatic teams of the YSFlight Community.


The Mahora Demonstration Team focuses on exploiting the physics and flight engines of YSFlight to display surreal aerobatic feats that shows the true beauty and capability of the YSFlight Simulation System.

The Grun-Schlange was designed to be a hyper-maneuverable aircraft, in the spirit of the now defunct 241st Shadow Hunters' Su-27 Super-Flankers. The reason for this was due to Nodoka, while developing the MDT, had been reminded of a Promotional Video for the 241st Shadow Hunters, in where the capabilities of said Su-27s were used to great effect in implementing death-defying and surreal maneuvers. such as a double knife edge pass, which inspired the first maneuver designed for the MDT- the Paru Cross, named after Haruna "Paru" Saotome, a character from the Negima Manga, whose major setting, Mahora Academy, was the inspiration for the MDT. The maneuver consists of Four aircraft, all committing a Knife-edge Pass at once, with one plane coming from each cardinal direction (headings 000, 090, 180, 270). This is followed by a 90 degree rotation and smoke ignition, and a Rudder turn to point the nose up and level the aircraft's vertical movement, holding said maneuver until the flight lead gives the order to end the Cross.

To employ this maneuver, was going to require a special aircraft, one designed with such maneuverability in mind. Enter the Su-35BM, from the YSFHQ's HQP-GAC pack. Unable to meet the needs of the Team, "SENIOR NODOKA" was born. The name SENIOR NODOKA, takes from USAF Project codenames (Such as HAVE BLUE (F-117 prototype)), and another character from the Negima Manga- Nodoka "Honya" Miyazaki. The reason for the naming is due to Nodoka's changes throughout the story of Negima, going from a shy, introverted librarian, to a, as TVTropes has defined her- "Badass Bookworm". The same is seen in this modification to the Su-35BM, once restricted by it's creators, it has flourished through many modifications to the airframe, powerplant and control systems. Renamed Su-35M, and in the "canon" of the Grun Squadron, Manufactured by Grunder Industries in partnership with Sukhoi Corporation, this aircraft is exclusive to the Mahora Demo Team, due to the special training required to handle the Grun-Schlange.

In reality, the aircraft was actually modified by Ace Combat Colonel, also known as Djehuty, as a parting gift
before leaving the Grun due to real life difficulties. As a result of his contribution, as well as his
service, he was Honorably Discharged on August 13th, 2015.
Flight Leader: Nodoka "Rathgrith" Hanamura"
Aircraft: 4x Su-35M 'Grun-Schlange' (Codename: SENIOR NODOKA)
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Re: Current Aerobatic Teams SOUND OFF

Post by FreezingFalcon » Thu Jan 07, 2016 4:44 am

Orange Skies Aerobatics

"Making the skies as orange as our jets."


Team Introduction :
Orange Skies Aerobatics is an aerobatic team owned by Abel Jets Virtual Airline. The team uses F-35C Joint Strike Fighter and Kawasaki C-2 for its performances. The team usually does solo demos at airshows with its jets.

Team Information :
Aircrafts : F-35C JSF and Kawasaki C-2
Pilots : Abel Flyer, Mark Arkan, and Doggeh1
Link :

Previous Airshow Appearances :
- YS Gatwick International Airshow 2014
- VNAF Indianapolis Airshow 2015
- VNAF NAS Pensacola Airshow 2015
- VNAF AirFest 2015

Best Regards
Visit Abel Jets Virtual Airline's website at :
Visit my model airport's website at :

Visit 4th Aerial Wing "Scorpions"' website at :

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