Want To Host An Airshow? Read This!

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Want To Host An Airshow? Read This!

Post by Zack » Wed Feb 10, 2016 11:18 pm

Hosting An Airshow Guide!
Hello! My name is Zack and I'm here to help you with the airshow making process!
Why Am I Doing This?
My Reason For Doing This is to make others feel more confident in making a Ysflight Airshow happen. We have seen a great decline in Ys airshows and this should alow more "New" Members to have a place to start from. I Hope this guide helps you out so that you can host your very own airshow!

So you want to host an airshow. there are some things that you must have. The most important thing you need? A good internet connection. You may want to check your internet speeds at sites such as http://www.speedtest.net

If your internet speeds are good (EX: 15mb Down And 5mb Up You should be good) You would want to start to port forward.

To Port forward is to just open up your network within certain ports (For Ys It's between 7914 to 7916) If you know how to port forward that is great but if you don't check out this thread here: viewtopic.php?t=5217

Once you are able to have a ysflight server (Have a friend help you out to see if they can connect) You would want to think were do you want to have your airshow! do you want it to be real? (YsRiat) Or A Fake? (Vnaf Airfest) once you chouse you must think what kind of map it should be on, If its a map that's already made and you want to use it for an airshow, Please... PLEASE Ask the creator of said map to use it, They may just say yes! The map may have to be edited so you will have to ask for permission to edit it Why would it need to be edited? Well you may want to have some "Static Desplays" Such As aircraft and cars, Also you would want to put up stands! To do this you will most likely have knowledge in the scenery editor. You would also want to put on mile markers for the pilots to know were there at! If you look at other airshow maps you would see that there are mile markers set to a different iff sot that they show up on the map [f3] For the pilots to have refrences! You should also set up a show line so that the preforemers have even more refrence points

So once you have the part done, you would now set a date for the show. This should be on a weekend due to everyone still having a life :D, so once you have a date, go start a topic on the forum's Airshow section for sign ups for the show.

Sign ups would look a lot like this: viewtopic.php?f=271&t=7885

Other things you may want for the show.

An announcer!
They are very important for the airshow as they tell the crowd the aircraft or car or boat or anyrhing is doing

A Music Bot
This will allow you to play music during the airshow. Most preformers will have music to go along with there demo.

An Airshow pack
An Airshow pack should be made containing the airshow map and aircraft along with any ground objects so that the people coming to watch the show will have everything they need, Also set a dead line for all aircraft sumbmisons so that everyone can have everything.

A YsFlight Build Just For Airshows
This should be a whole new ys install seprete from your other builds so that its just airshow aircraft only.

This should be it. If you have any segestions please put them in below and I hope we can see more airshows in the near future!

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