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HawkbitAlpha's Airshow Stuff

Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2021 11:12 pm
by HawkbitAlpha
For years, especially after Shiny Rice went inactive and wiped his channel, the old practice of documenting YS airshows in video form was abandoned. Today, we have Hornet's livestreams, but even they have the problem of being immediately smacked down for copyright on Youtube. Thus, as one of the few YS video makers left, I've apparently taken it upon myself to pick up where Rice left off, and continue the tradition of archiving our community airshows for all non-attendees to see. To that end, I've decided to concentrate them all into this thread for easy access.

You'll notice that I make heavy use of the F10 camera view and zooming for my recordings, and this is because I try to capture the feeling of perspective and speed that comes with many performances. For replay demonstrations, I'm also open to recording them offline if given the replay and accompanying files, allowing the demo to keep important things like smoke; see here for a showcase of this in action.