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Some information

Post by AccettoreQ » Tue Feb 23, 2016 6:28 pm

Hi guys! I am an italian users, I have started to use YSFlight this summer. In this period I was very busy cause to University. Now I would like to make some video of YSFlight (if are quite good I can also think to create a YouTube Channel), but I have some question:
- Is it possible to improve grphics stat of YSFlight?
- How can I replace the plane in a scenery with planes that i have downloaded in a pack?
- Some beautiful scenery (I am also serching for this, but if you know something good, please telle me).

I'm sorry for my mistake, if you don't understand something, please tell me and I try to explain better.
Thank you guys for your answers!!!

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Richard Vo
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Re: Some information

Post by Richard Vo » Wed Feb 24, 2016 2:33 pm

St Maarten is a really nice scenery that you should try. Heathrow 2015 also a very good one.

More about me:
-I'm a student in an IB school (get up early, most of the time at 5:00-5:10am, commuting everyday, 1h10m from my house to school). The commuting is almost end now I think.
-My future goal in 2 years time is to be enrolled into EasyJet generation pilot training. Wish me luck ;) Later on, I want to fly the Emirates A380 after 2-3 years flying the A320 :D

By any chance if you have Instagram, please drop a follow on @rv_aviation02 . Appreciate that!

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