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YSFlight Monthly Magazine

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:08 am
I am going to start a little project to help spread the word about YSFlight by making a magazine (monthly). This will be available (hopefully) through Google Drive or some other sharing methods.

So, I am currently accepting...
1. A cover photo
2. 2 articles on new planes
3. 2 addon review article
4. 1 article on PC hardware
5. 4 YSFlight status article (what's going on in YSFlight)
6. Some number of other articles.
7. Some photos for the gallery.

The first release will be the end of this month (Fb. 2017), and will be available to everyone.

Rules: No offensive content. No personal attacks. Try to make your article with at least a picture.
1. Reply on the thread below in the following format...

Your penname:
Article type:
Article Title:

2. And PM the article to me by the week before publishing date.