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Replace & Rename Utility

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:56 am
by Grigor
This one is really simple, and I've found it extremely useful.

This program is for situations arising from things like python script output. I've always found it tedious and time-consuming to rename or delete your old file, then rename the new file to the name of the first. Say you have a file called WING.SRF. You've just modified it with a Python script, resulting in a different filename (_merged.srf for example) So:

1) You drop your old file, WING.SRF onto the Replace & Rename utility.
2) A window comes up asking for the replacement file. You drop _MERGED.srf onto this window.
3) Result: WING.srf becomes n-ex-WING.srf, and _MERGED.srf becomes the new WING.srf

It's a lot quicker to use than to explain. Can be used across folders to replace an older model in one folder with the new model from another. It never deletes anything, so it's easy enough to manually rename the n-ex-filename backup if you need to backtrack. Multiple overwrites get given a sequential number 0-ex-wing.srf, 1-ex-wing.srf, etc.

Hope you find this helpful.

Here is the link: