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[README] Free Aircraft Design Software

Posted: Sat Dec 12, 2015 9:29 pm
by u2fly
Here is a list of special and usefull tools for aircraft (and other vehicle) design and modelling, that used by addon creators for YSFlight, FlightGear, FS/FSX and X-Plane.

Tools for aircraft 3D concept creation & aerodynamic analyze of 3D models: +
Tools for aircraft 3D model design: +
Tools for aircraft 2D concept design (with support for DXF, SVG): +
Tools for convert aircraft models between different flight simulators. +
Online & browser-based tools (HTML5+JS) .
If You know any other or new apps, that are free and used for aircraft 3D design let me know!
P.S.: This topic in active updating.
1) ... aft-Design
2) http://aircraft-design-software.experim ... esign.html
Bonus - Free Cadblocks - Aircrafts