[HOW] Visual model without shadow on ground

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[HOW] Visual model without shadow on ground

Post by u2fly » Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:55 am

Patrick31337 wrote: Does anybody know how to make a ground object without a shadow? If you make something that lies flat on the ground, all you see is the shadow.
OfficerFlake wrote: @Patrick NOSHADOW TRUE
@OfficerFlake Yes, it works!
As I know, shadow of ground object will be automaticaly disabled if you are far from center of this object and enabled if you come closer. But dont know how this distance calculated, and did it depend from some variable in ground object .DAT file (maybe HTRADIUS or some else).
You can try this effect using object with big visual model size, for example:
1) viewtopic.php?t=8256
2) viewtopic.php?t=8272
Try locate "SEARCHLIGHT" object on ground near start position, and then move closer and far from it. You will see that in some moment flashlight beam will mess shadow.

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