IMPORTANT: Read before Requesting!

Looking for a particular addon? Search first and ask second!
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IMPORTANT: Read before Requesting!

Post by YSFHQ » Tue Apr 22, 2014 5:26 pm

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1.Search for your addon first!
With over 6,000 YSFlight addons to choose from, likely your request has already been made! Ensure you go through and look first, by searching the forum by using the Search Tool, Googling up the request and "YSFlight" as a keyword, visiting the addon repository or by using YSFlight Addon database!

2.Can't find it? Create a Request!
If you do not have any luck with finding your requested addon, then you may create an addon request. But ensure when you are creating your post, provide as much information and details as possible. Everything from three-view views, various angles of the proposed addon, additional images, size, and more will help substantially. The more you provide, the better!

3.Be Realistic!
In order to create a new addon from scratch, it takes lots of time and dedication. Remember, no one here gets paid for these services. It may not be wise to request for a full pack of several different variants and paint schemes. The objective of the addon requests area is for modders to potentially come up with ideas and concepts and if you're lucky - yours might be chosen to be made! Keep in mind to be realistic with your requests. Learning how to mod aircraft, repaint, create maps, and make addons for YSFlight can be a rewarding experience. Learn more in the Addon Creation forum.

4.Be Kind & Courteous
Remember to be friendly and courteous to anyone interested in taking up your project, or even showing some keen interest in it. Please don't "bump" or ask repetitively if there is low response on your request. The more you can do to provide members interested in your request with more pictures, details, or anything else they may need will definitely boost up the probability of your addon being created! Being kind, respectful, and helpful is required by all members in the request forum!

If it sounds like a demand, rather than a request, the chances of it being picked up and created only diminishes. Think first before you request!
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