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SOS Brigade Addon Contest! All may Enter!

Posted: Sun May 29, 2011 7:50 pm
by Seraphim
Greetings denizens of YSHQ. I, SOS Haruhi, write to you today to invite you to join our vehicular procurement contest! This is a great honor for all of you and an opportunity to challenge yourselves as modders, painters, and gamers. This is an opportunity to become part of the war against boredom. This is an opportunity to offer your services to me!

Here are the rules as stated by SOS GT Largo (known by some as Bombcat):
Bombcat wrote:The following guidelines shall govern our efforts.

1: All vehicles shall in some way feature the squadron's colors, blue and white. Limited variation in shade shall be acceptable, and there is no expectation of uniformity concerning patterns. There is no standardization concerning build quality and detail, but keep in mind the need to ensure optimal performance in massed combat scenarios. Our operations will not benefit from overtaxed equipment.

2: Afterburner effects should include some form of stars, sparkles, or other appropriate elements to demonstrate the carefree atmosphere favored by our Leader.

3: There are no preset limits on what may or may not be acceptable. While we shall require aircraft of standard performance with which to conduct typical offensive operations, variety is our watchword. Ground and naval combat elements shall serve alongside our air units, and foot soldiers, mecha, spacecraft, and other esoteric weapons systems would be welcomed with enthusiasm by the Chairman.

4: The S.O.S. Brigade favors the rapid dispatch of adversaries through the employment of excessive firepower. Large numbers of high caliber cannon shall be our weapons of choice, and it is requested that all designs shall be adjusted accordingly. The GPU-5/A could serve in this role admirably. Consider the exotic use of multiple, and fast firing weapons in melee combat, or the use of abundant and overpowered weapons to serve as a Wave Motion/Macross cannon. We may require one or two reasonable ships, but as a general rule, do not be stingy with the ammo.

5: Individual brigade members are encouraged to design their own personal equipment. All designs are subject to the Chairman's approval.

6: Aircraft and other military hardware shall bear the likenesses of the Chairman and her associates. Additional characters and motifs will also be incorporated as approved.
The winners will have the honor of their creation being added to the SOS Fleet. All entries become the property of the Brigade to be altered at the Brigade's discretion. You will be credited for your contributions in a pack release.

Feel free to discuss the contest and your plans here. And remember everyone,
YOU have the power to fight boredom!


Re: SOS Brigade Addon Contest! All may Enter!

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:55 am
by X L U C X Y
.___. If I could mod jack shit, I'd love to make somethin' for this... I love the idea... but sadly... I can't modd, or even repaint.
Actually, i'm not gonna blame it on skill. I'm going to admit the truth.
I let the dogs out. sorry.jk. in reality. I'm lazy, have a shit computer... and im a caucasion, under 18 year old male. :D (meaning i have no motivation)

Re: SOS Brigade Addon Contest! All may Enter!

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 1:52 pm
by Seraphim
Okay well come back in 5 years when you're a man and don't mind a little work.
Our Brigade is working on releases which should be exciting-keep your eyes peeled!