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[REQUEST] Rep.Of Bellavian Air Force

Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 3:37 am
by syahfauzan910
Hi, i really didn't know how to repaint a ys models on Blender, because there are many problems,and i didn't know to use it. :(

so i need someone to repaint a model for me, can you make a Birdfarm/HQP GAC Style.

here's the model that i need:
-EF-2000 A/B (Dark Blue, Tail code KN 3200,Number 01)
EF-2000 B (SunVulture Aerobatic team)
-F-15C (Grey, Tail Code EN 7602,Number 155)
-F-15D (Grape Camo Blue, Tail Code SY 10903,Number 34)
-F-15E (Grey, Tail Code PC 0504,Number 23)
F-15E (Dark Blue, Tail code KN 3281, Number 151)

I really appriciate if you help me to repaint it, previews coming soon :)