[Request] Sci-Fi craft from "ShadowWraith"

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[Request] Sci-Fi craft from "ShadowWraith"

Post by acf492 » Sat Aug 25, 2018 10:49 pm


I was reminded of these craft by a rather peculiar (fictional?) aircraft being designed by "Darkness-Of-Enigma" and displayed on Discord, (the R-101N as they called it).

This is a bit nostalgic for me. The top-down games "ShadowWraith" (1995) and "Souls in the System" (1996) were one of my favorite action games as a kid. The player controls a craft that represents the uploaded consciousness of a human being. All entities in the game were either computer programs or viruses and the game environment was the Internet, or "cyberspace" as they called it.

ShadowWraith had one craft, and Souls in the System (SIS) had two crafts, the first was called "Netrunner" and the second was called "Epsilon." Epsilon was an upgraded version with better shields, and replaces Netrunner half-way through the game, to help with the harder levels to be played.

Here are pictures of the crafts taken from the game. Since they are quite strange and might not appeal to any modders, I'm also open to somebody willing to teach me to make them myself. It would be a great project to embark on now that I have returned to YSFlight and YSFHQ.
  1. ShadowWraith craft (unnamed)
  2. SIS "Netrunner"
    sis_primary_detailed_youtube.png (126.96 KiB) Viewed 1988 times
  3. SIS "Epsilon"
    sis_epsilon_detailed_youtube.png (94.62 KiB) Viewed 1988 times
Personally, I like the Epsilon design the most, but I want to request them in the above order. I'd suggest the ShadowWrath craft would be a good starting point for practice, as it has less curves than the later models. Whether I learn to make them myself or if somebody gives it a shot, I think doing the best one last will ensure it has the best result from the practice on the previous ones.

As far as I can recall from SIS cinematics, which were the only time you see a 3D model of the craft, only the top of the craft has details or components, the underside is just the plain hull. Only the pair of the largest "pontoons" even extends it's shape below the wing in all models.

If anyone wants a challenge model with lots of curvy round areas, I'd love if these became a reality!
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