2nd United Combat Wing

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2nd United Combat Wing

Post by Vertex3d » Mon Feb 04, 2019 2:34 am


ImageCommanding Officers Vertex3d and Kubson88554 bring a new option to YS for combat pilots. The 2nd United Combat Wing (2nd UCW), guided by our flight instructors' years of experience, offers a fun and worthwhile training experience for players to grow and become better pilots.

New UCW recruits are accepted at all skill levels, and enter a comprehensive training system designed to create well-rounded, adept pilots. From basic flight and navigation to multirole combat missions, UCW will give you the skills to succeed. Once through primary training, subsquadron specialization is available:

Pilots in the Mambas subsquadron, under Kubson88554, demonstrate skill in all forms of air to air combat, such as: air superiority dogfighting, interception, and flight escort.
UCW's current fleet of fighter aircraft include: Su-47, F-22, Rafale, F-14, Mig 1.44, and more.

Headed by UltraViolet, the Badgers subsquadron focuses on air to ground combat: low altitude ground attack, high altitude bombing, and ship/fleet hunting.
UCW employs the A-10 and F/A-28 Superwasp in air to ground roles.

Our discord server is now public!, with new features that are designed to encourage each pilot through a progressive training/ranking system that may be even customized to their own needs! Join UCW today and work your way up the ranking system, gather experience and skill, and if you are qualified, join, lead, or create your own sub squadrons! But most importantly, stand in YSFlight under an air force that stands for opportunity and community for all pilots.

(Here's our squadron aircraft pack if anyone needs it!)

Attachment below!

We will be waiting for you - the 2nd United Combat Wing
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