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F-A-B - Brazil Armed Forces YS

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2013 4:00 pm
by Krux
"Who does not live to serve Brazil, Does not meant to live in Brazil"
Sentence uttered in 1964 by the military dictatorship
[font=Arial]BRAZIL ARMED FORCES YS[/font]
The YSFlight's Brazilian Armed Forces is an Virtual Air Force \ Navy and Army that is based on the real life Brazilian's Armed forces.
Represent the Brazilian Armed Forces in YSFlight, also, inviting brazilian players and aeronautic fans to join YS and play.

The Brazilian Armed Forces is a little outdated since our government is delaying the purchase of some items that are exceptional in the constitution of the Armed Forces, However, our fleet is:

FAB - Brazilian Air Force

The Brazilian Air Force has a 35 (2 Fighters, 1 Attaker, 13 transport aircrafts, 3 low attack and trainer, 9 helicopters, 4 Utility aircraft and 3 Aerial surveillance aircraft/Remote Sensing /Patrol) Air Vehicles fleet. The most active is the fighter F-5E"M" (M for the government, abbreviation for "Modernized"), which takes care of Air defence and as an interceptor aircraft.

The Mission of the Brazilian Air Force is to ensure Air Defense all along the country.

In YSFlight:

The fleet is still in development, and also, i'm thanking Martins (creator of the MARTINS PACK) for good part of the highly detailed aircraft found. I'm not sure that we will make sure to have ll aircraft on it, but we will do our best.
Brazilian's Navy
The primary mission of the Brazilian Navy is to ensure the defense of the country along with the other armed forces, for the fulfillment of its constitutional mission the Navy must prepare and implement the Naval Power. It is still in the Navy as a secondary mission, cooperate with national development and civil defense, as determined by the government.

Since Brazil does not have an exclusive agency to organize, supervise and guide the Merchant Navy and police the Brazilian coast and inland waters, it also plays the role of " Coast Guard ". These functions are defined as assignments and private subsidiaries.

The Brazilian Navy fleet consists in 6 submarines, 2 aircraft carriers and a 16 (12 helicopters, 1 attaker and 2 Aerial surveillance aircraft / Aerial Refueling aircraft) Aero naval fleet.

In YSFlight:

We will be sure to add ships to brazilian maps, and a big thanks to TOP GUN Brasileiro for the Brazil Naval Helicopters found in the YSPilots Archive.
Brazilian Army
The Brazilian Army is one of the three Armed Forces of Brazil, responsible, externally, for the defense of the country eminently terrestrial operations, and on the inside, ensuring the law and order and constitutional powers.

In peacetime, the Army troops are continually preparing to act in situations of conflict or war. Also, are employed to defend the border strip (with the joint task force) and to bring food and medical services to isolated points of the territory, participation and coordination of campaigns and social scientific research, and ensure Brazilian democracy, supporting elections.

In YSFlight:

Not Sure of how to make an ground unit on YS, but i will be sincerely gratified if someone cares to help!


Brazilian Air Force logo
F-5E"M" Tiger in Flight
Squadron of F-5E"M" in formation flight.

Two F-2000C (Mirage 2000-C) taking off

It is planned to start recruiting in January of 2014. But if you want, you can leave your inscription formulary here:

Why you would like to get in:
What's your special skill in YSFLIGHT:
Anything more?:


Re: F-A-B - Brazil Armed Forces YS

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2013 5:27 pm
by Volkov
Nickname: Volkov
Nationality: Brazilian
Why you would like to get in: Because I am brazilian, and I will enter the air force.
What's your special skill in YSFLIGHT: Air-to-air combat, High altitude bombing

Re: F-A-B - Brazil Armed Forces YS

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:44 pm
by lorDuckFeet
Nickname: Lucas
Nationality: Brazil
Why you would like to get in: It's really nice to have a virtual squadron, mainly representing their country.
What's your special skill in YSFLIGHT: I started in YSFlight in mid-2011, I spent several VAs and also founded (Atlantic Airlines VA, VA West Wind, TransBrazilian VA) also have my Hangar, currently called Hangar Aviator. (Before it was called "Hangar VEM" in honor of the Hangar Maintenance VARIG in Rio de Janeiro and currently managed by TAP).
Anything more?: I am having plans to launch my projects late this year, but there is a possibility for me to do some paintings of the "Special Transportation Group - FAB" with the Boeing 707, Boeing 737-200, Airbus A319 and Embraer 190.

Re: F-A-B - Brazil Armed Forces YS

Posted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 12:18 pm
by Welshy
Really nice to see something in the English speaking community which encompasses people from Brazil very well.

Re: F-A-B - Brazil Armed Forces YS

Posted: Mon Dec 30, 2013 4:20 am
by Krux
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