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Tips On Managing A Successful Squadron

Posted: Sun Feb 06, 2011 4:21 am
by Iceman
(Organized and condensed from THIS post on YSPilots)

Below is a collective of tips on how to manage and run a successful YSFlight squadron.
Iceman wrote: BALANCE. Consider this: Iceman and Bombcat, the XO and CO of the 171st, respectively. Now we'll dissect their personalities. Iceman is the brash, impulse-acting, quick-thinking, shit-talking loudmouth of the brass, usually using intimidation and an overinflated ego to make sure things are his way. Now Bombcat, the strategic, cool and clear headed, calm, think-before-acting, evil-genius-in-training, brass of the 171st. Their personalities collide, but the squadron can't be more on the right track because of that. The thing is, BOTH OF US CAN COMPROMISE. That's why we get the best of both worlds. If you know yourself, get a XO that completely opposes you in personality, and you may actually get somewhere.

DIPLOMACY. Know when to flirt with other squad COs and XOs to get what you want. Know when to lay down your laws on your server. Know how to talk compromise with other COs. Know how to make allies jump when you need them. If you can argue, you will definitely have a spot in the high squads.

ORGANIZATION AND COMMUNICATION. First and foremost, get a forum and manage one. Post every other day. Check it. For christ sake, a goddamn squad isn't just a squad, it's a family of people. Every member of the 171st knows every other member. Fly together. Get everyone on MSN. It's simple. Teamspeak all day, every day! If you're on the computer, check who's on Teamspeak, and if they're on, fly with them! Have a call for help system. Rankings! Medals! Tiers! Hierarchy! All are important in keeping your squad alive. Give them something to work for - a rank, a certain decree of recognizance, you get the deal.

DON'T MAKE ENEMIES THE FIRST THING YOU DO. That's retarded. Absolutely retarded. When you start a squad, be HUMBLE. Get to know the other squad's COs first, make friends, then when you got enough members, like 10-15, start something. Until then, you're easy game for the take-your-members killing method for squads. That happened with the RPFW, and almost happened to the 171st. And it DID happen for the 922nd, the 194th, and countless other squads in the history of YSFlight.
Vandal wrote:I say a sense of humour, you need to be able to take a joke. Take a note from us Brits, if any one can laugh at them selves, it's us Brits. And you need to be able to laugh at yourself, take a joke. If you can't laugh, then you're dead inside.
Vince wrote: The most important in my mind is to devote time to your squad.

When you are wise, you don't have problems of diplomacy.
In my opinion, "Balance" is important but it doesn't make a squad active.
When you have time, you can do anything Iceman said, you can't else.

At the beginning of the 241st, I was online 8 hours a day on msn, any pilot could contact me to make a flight/training with me. I spent more than one hour on the forum, I leaded the weekly training every week during 4 hours, on my server. I had organized internal tournaments and a meeting with the RPFS. I managed the point system which rewarded active pilots... Welnio was working on our fleets, some people on the paints... We were active.

Today, Welnio is so busy that he didn't give me signs of life, and me I am very busy too with my different projects.
Plus I cannot launch YSFlight on Ubuntu.
Also, most of the pilots are busy too with their private life.
So, there are many people to blame.
We don't have new recruits, and the forum has little activity.
Bombcat wrote: Don't try to start something until you have some skills.
Whether you have aspirations of a vast fleet or a small group, you are going to want to recruit some people. In order to recruit, you must have something to offer. I strongly suggest that fledgling squad commanders be highly competent in whatever discipline in which their squad will specialize. Demonstrate that you aren't all talk, and people will respect your ability, and join you in order to benefit from your experience. A good pilot with a solid reputation will also take less flak when they announce their intention to form a new unit. You can only call yourself elite when other people who do not particularly like you would admit that you are good.

Develop a strong leadership core.
This addresses the two issues which offer some of the greatest dangers to a squadron's longevity - stability, and loyalty. Since death is only momentary in YS, squadrons can only truly be destroyed from within, when there is no longer someone who is willing to stand at the helm and say that being in the (fill in squad name here) is worth the effort. If you have a small group of people who are fully committed to your squad for the long haul, you are well on your way. Others can come and go, as long as your core remains solid. For myself and Iceman, the 171st isn't just something we do, it's a part of who we are. Not every one can or should be that way, but as long as a couple of people are, your unit has a near unshakable foundation. As a natural follow up to this point, don't even go to the trouble of starting a new unit unless you are committed to stick with it for at least 3 months no matter what, barring some life changing, internet destroying emergency.

Squadrons and their civilian counterparts add a role playing element to YS. Pick the role you want to play, and stick with it. Find people who want to play along, and do what you can to make the game fun for yourself and others. If you can demonstrate to others that you are someone worthy of their respect, and someone who could enhance their own game experience, there is a good chance that they will join you. As long as those who take leadership positions continue to make the squadron a worthwhile expenditure of time and effort, a unit can endure. Once it ceases to provide something desirable to the members and the leadership, it will die.
Flake wrote: A leader directs a team of individuals to a common goal and helps to ensure it's acheivement

for newbs this means:
your squad is made of individual people. Know them and show a genuine interest in them.
Your squad is a TEAM. More like a family tbh like ice mentioned. They work WITH you not FOR you.
Your TASK is to better both yourself and your team in a chosen area of expertice.

Re: Tips On Managing A Successful Squadron

Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:19 pm
by Crazypilot
Ice Man this has absolutely nothing to do with what you have posted but i liked your picture with the black dude dancing with chicken wings (yum) I,m just saying

Re: Tips On Managing A Successful Squadron

Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 2:06 pm
by NosferatuAce
Why the hell would you post something knowing that it's incredibly could just PM ice for that...
Anywho, i think this should be a topic most newbies are required to atleast view before going towards the rest of the forum, some tend to try and make a squad at the very start and fail miserably (like yours truely :| ).

Re: Tips On Managing A Successful Squadron

Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 2:19 pm
by Welshy
Or Like me with the YSRAF :P


Re: Tips On Managing A Successful Squadron

Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2011 3:16 pm
by vandal
Welshy, problem with basing your squad on a real life force, limits you not only to the aircraft you use but also limits your target audience.

Note the 171st, we are a carrier squad loosely based on the US Navy. So, we have a theme, naval aviation, it's not too tight of a theme but it's a theme we can work on. We can use any naval aircraft from around the world, so we get a good varity of aircraft that attracts different kind of pilots and people.

Problem with a strict theme, such as US NAVY or RAF, is that you limit yourself. So set a wide ranging theme such as ground attack, air combat, Choppers.

but, a theme isn't everything, you can just have a general squad based on nothing. But if thats the case, then you need to be picky with your aircraft. When picking your aircraft think to yourself "Do any of my current aircraft in my squad do the same?" you dont want two different aircraft that do the same job E.g. dont use a F-16 and Gripen, they have both the same ability, so just pick one.

My idea for starting a squad is this:

Multi-roll: this plane should be a agial plane able to dog fight. F-16 or similer.
light attacker: this plane should be able to carry rockets and a small load out of bombs. a good gun is vital as light ground attacks will be using it most. Su-25, A-10 etc
Heavy bomber: Large heavy bomber able to deliver large amount of weapons on target. B-52, TU-95 etc.
Intercepter: speed is everything, needs to get to the target as fast as possible. MIG-25, EE Lightning etc.
Attack chopper: Should have a gun and carry weapons, used for recond and attacking small targets.

There we go, in my opinion you can start a squad and cover all bases of combat with just 5 aircraft.

I'm working on a little side project, it's a ready made squad pack from someone who wants to start a squad, who doesn't have the ability to paint. Or jsut an excuse to design my own squad while staying in the 171st.

Gripen - 3 different configurations:
1= Air-to-Air, all missile load out.2= Air-to-Ground, all ground weapon load out with a coupe of missiles for defence.
3 multi-role, good mix of both.

Jaguar - ground attack, anti-ship, anti-tank:
Carries rockets and bombs, twin cannons.

TU-95 - heavy long range bomber:
Carries lots of bombs to attack large areas.

Intercepter -
Hard one to pick.

Attack chopper -
Was thinking anything other than AH-64 or AH-1.

Re: Tips On Managing A Successful Squadron

Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2011 4:15 pm
by Welshy
No mate don't you remember when I came out of nowhere with the YSRAF???? Flash had been planning one,


Re: Tips On Managing A Successful Squadron

Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2011 4:28 pm
by Shutter
Loooool I almost forgot about that. That was hilarious flash had been secretly at work on his RAF and you just popped out of the blue and announced one.

Re: Tips On Managing A Successful Squadron

Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2011 5:21 pm
by Welshy
Exactly my point :P That was when I was a tw*at LOL