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YSFHQ Brand Assets and Usage Guidelines

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 8:35 pm
Simple Guidelines
Thank you for your interest in YSFHQ! We have a few guidelines for using YSFHQ’s brand resources – please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them. You can download assets in a certain file format, or if you want the whole shebang, download the .zip file below.
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Primary Logo
YSFHQ main logo
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Square w/ caption
Our typeface is Lato. Please stick to the following sizes.

Headline 1 is Lato Bold at 38.5px
Headline 2 is Lato Bold at 31.5px
Headline 3 is Lato Bold at 24.5px
Paragraphs are Lato Regular at 14px

YSFHQ / YSFlight Headquarters
YSFHQ is an acronym for YSFlight Headquarters. Capitalize ALL letters in YSFHQ. YSFlight Headquarters is two words. Capitalize the first YSF in YSFlight and the first H in Headquarters.

YSFHQ / YSFlight Headquarters
Like this.

ysfhq / ysflight headquarters
Not like this.

Ysfhq / Ysflight Headquarters
Not like this.

YSFhq / YSFLIGHT headquarters
Not like this.

YSFHQ Colors
These are YSFHQ’s brand colors. Copy the HEX codes below.


QR Codes
If you would like to create a QR code for YSFHQ, please stick to the following guidelines:
  1. Create a or link for the following URL:

    Code: Select all


    Code: Select all

    is the title of the print material or campaign. Make sure the title is URL-encoded.
  2. Use the shortlink to create a QR code, using one of the available QR code tools.
  3. Add the YSFHQ primary logo directly under the QR code, about 120% the width of the QR code.
  4. Notify a YSFHQ staff member so we can give you additional analytics information.
Here’s our friendly legal reminder that these marks are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws, so please use them correctly. When we say "marks" we mean our graphics, but also are referring to YSFHQ's brand name (YSFlight Headquarters, YSFHQ, used without an accompanying graphic.

Please don’t:
  • Display these marks in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement by YSFHQ of your product, service, or airline.
  • Use these marks as part of your own product, service, or airline’s name.
  • Alter these marks in any way, or combine them with other graphics.
If you want to do one of the above, you must obtain written consent from YSFHQ first.

YSFHQ Brand Assets and Usage Guidelines

Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2015 4:12 am
Friendly reminder to be aware of these guidelines. We haven't had any major problems, but know that the staff would like everyone to ask permission before the YSFHQ logo or name is used in something we do not officially endorse. Generally we are very accommodating of these requests but would like to get a heads-up beforehand.

- Eric