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Abel Jets Group Fleet Pack 8.0 (Extended Pack)

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2020 12:12 pm
by FreezingFalcon

Abel Jets Group Fleet Pack 8.0 (Extended Pack)

Welcome to the long-awaited release of Abel Jets Group’s Fleet Pack 8.0. After an extensive development phase for roughly eight months, we are truly honored to be able to deliver this product to your hands. And now, on the last day of the year 2020, this aircraft pack is available for you to download and fly in the virtual skies of YSFlight. We would like to thank everyone in YSFlight communities for their endless support during the times when we were developing this more-than- massive update. On the other hand, it has been seven years and counting since the founding of Abel Jets Group in 2013. We would also like to deliver our gratitude to everyone for this almost-a-decade-long journey, where Abel Jets Group had grown from the ground up to this very moment.

At the end of this year, we are also refreshing our slogan to better suit the release of this fleet pack and the future. “Progress to Connect” has been chosen to replace “The Airline of the CMI” as our motto - with the latter one now serving as the tagline for Abel Jets Virtual Airline instead of the whole group itself. Why we choose Progress to Connect? This is due to the constantly evolving dynamics of the world of commercial aviation, which provokes us to constantly innovate to stay ahead within the game. We are constantly making progress, to reduce the distance between you and your beloved ones (virtually), by placing girders for worldwide airborne bridges, diversification for extra ranges, all available within your reach. We would also like to connect those, who are cut-off from the rest of the globe to have a method to travel to places they would go to and receive attention from the world, of which they truly deserve.


Additional Information:

Abel Jets Group’s Airlines and Divisions:

Abel Jets MCC (Medium-Cost-Carrier) - The Airline of the CMI, what you guys normally refer as “Abel Jets”
Abel Jets Platinum - The airline for those who are willing to experience the true Platinum treatment for their trip. Starting from red-carpet welcome at an exclusive terminal, fine-dining experience and live cooking above the clouds while listening to live music, up to designated VIP vehicles upon your arrival at your destination.
Holi-Abel-Day! - Do you want to go for a tropical escape or to other holiday places in the world? No need to worry since in Holi-Abel-Day!, we are ABEL to make your dream holidays come true.
Abel Pixel - For those who are craving to travel via the air but cannot afford for a standard Abel Jets MCC airfare. Strap yourself with Abel Pixel, it’s Fast, it’s “Safe”, and most importantly, it’s Cheap.
Intercontinental Airways - Well, although Abel Jets Group is known to have the largest fleet when compared to other virtual airlines with a staggering fleet size of 3000 airframes and counting as we speak, unfortunately it is a fact that not all of our aircraft fly directly to several destinations in the world (such as Pyongyang). This is where Intercontinental Airways a.k.a. IAVA comes to the rescue! With the most state-of-the-art fleet of Boeing 737-MAX7s, Boeing 747-8i-s, and Boeing 777-9Xs and with passenger treatment that is on par or some even said excels that found in Abel Jets MCC, IAVA is surely your pal to fly with.
AbelJump - Going along with its tagline, “A good way to bust through the traffic”, AbelJump surely will take you who are commuting from one city to another nearby faster than any kind of transporation methods.
Abel Executive - Abel Jets Platinum’s already Platinum treatment is not enough for you? Hire a private aircraft with Abel Executive! With a fleet ranging from the P.180 Avanti for those businessmen/women who are puddle-jumping up to our Concorde-VIP for those CEOs who are late for a meeting.
Abel Helicopters - Do you want to commute within a city but want to avoid the traffic? Fly with Abel Helicopters with an airfare that is even cheaper than your local taxi fare.
Abel Xplore - Fly to the deepest jungles of Papua in the Indonesia Map or get lost in the Antarctica. AbelXplore with its fleet of bush-flying aircraft and helicopters will take you to the unknown just like its slogan - Xploring the Unknown.
ACES (Abel Cargo Expeditionary Service) - The delivery services company of Abel Jets Group. Also serving as the group’s cargo airline with a massive fleet of freighter-configured aircraft.
ACES ICT (Insane Cargo Transporter) - Do you have something that is too insane to be shipped with ACES’ services? No need to worry since ACES ICT will handle the insanity of your shipment with ease. We can airdrop your shipments via our DHC-4 Caribou if you are shipping it to remote locations - or if you need to transport your blue whale, hire our Airbus A330-743 BelugaXL or Boeing 747-400LCF Dreamlifter instead. Lest not forget the Antonov An-225M Mriya-NG that is an upgraded version of the super airlifter.
Abel Cosmos - “Space is Just the Beginning”, that’s what its tagline says. With Abel Cosmos you can send smaller satellites or literally anything that fits within our Vahana OLV (orbital launch vehicle) that is strapped onboard our Boeing 747-400LVC. Your payload doesn’t fit the Vahana? Strap it in the Ikaros, our (only) Space Shuttle orbiter that we acquired from YSASA several years ago. You could also take a ride to the orbit with the Ikaros in case you would wish for.
Abel Fire and Rescue (AFR) - Your house is on fire? Your neighbour’s house on fire? Or is there a nearby wildfire? Contact AFR so we could send the airtankers in to extinguish those flames. AFR also works as a disaster-relief emergency division that would fly into ravaged zones of YSFlight maps to provide humanitarian aid and as a SAR (search-and-rescue) division of Abel Jets Group as well.
Abel Aviateur - This is the place where Abel Jets Group’s new pilots are trained so they could tackle the skies of commercial aviation in YSFlight.
Abel Jets Retro - A blast to the past. With the upcoming opening of the CMI Museum of Flight in Linbury (cue Turbofan’s works), Abel Jets Retro will provide the museum’s visitors rides with our legacy aircraft that have been withdrawn from service in other divisions of Abel Jets Group.
Orange Skies Aerobatic Team - The lightning bolts of the CMI. The aerobatic team division that represents Abel Jets Group's colors in international airshows with its fleet that is composed of Boeing F/A-18B Hornets, Dassault Mirage 2000-5Fs, Lockheed Martin F-35C Lightning IIs, and the Airbus A400M Atlas nicknamed "The Chubby Alex". Available in a separate pack that is used on airshows.
Abel Ground Service Equipment - The true heroes of our daily operations, every day they will fight the odds so that our fleet could stay airbourne at any given time.
Inspection Aircraft - No need to explain this, it’s too complicated.
Abel Jets Advanced Xperimental (AJAX) - A flight-testing division of Ovovivipar Industries - a research and development (RnD) corporation within Abel Jets Group. Rumors spread that the division’s name is a reminiscence of a designation given to advanced experimental projects of a YSFlight virtual group in the past.

Rest assured, it is trully impossible that we could be able to complete this fleet pack without the assistance of the outstanding YSFlight modders and communities. All credits are provided within the handbook that is available within any of the compressed archive files in the download link below. This is done due to the almost endless amount of people who lend their hands in the development of this expansion and to curtail the length of this post.

Available in the compressed archive files are the Fleet Pack 8.0 itself, the Abel Jets Group Fleet Pack 8.0 Handbook that includes several words from the executives of Abel Jets Group, the credits for everyone who have assisted us, and the installation manual for this fleet pack. Also provided within the compressed archive files are some bonus content that we hope that you would enjoy.

All aircraft within the fleet pack have also been provided with substitute names in order to not crash online YSFlight pilots’s computers in case that they do not possess this fleet pack. Every single aircraft within this fleet pack also possess high strength and tons of flares (except for Abel Cosmos’ B747-400-LVC and B777-200ER-LVC) to increase the odds of surviving from vulchers’ attacks and trollers in YSFlight servers.

This fleet pack will not work in YSFlight version 20110207 and lower due to the presence of custom “weapons” skins on every single aircraft within the pack.


Download Link:

There are three compressed archive files that are available within the download link - all are literally the same stuff. The only differences are their compression quality, with the smallest one in file size being in the .7z format, followed by the one in the .rar format, and the final one in the .zip format. This is due to the immense size of the whole pack itself when uncompressed. Please select one that suits yourself the best. Also provided in the compressed archive files is a version of the “air list” that has been specifically tuned for those who use Linux machines - so no need to manually change every single “/“-s to “\”-s.

Download now from: ... t_Pack_8.0

P.S.: Something that Thomascook221 wants to share: ... 2.pdf.html (our first ever in-flight magazine!)

Happy New Year and Thank you for keeping our dreams aloft.

Re: Abel Jets Group Fleet Pack 8.0 (Extended Pack)

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2020 6:18 pm
by decaff_42
One of the fastest addon download to live database!

1.2 Gb added to my YSFlight install and I aint complaining at all!!!

Re: Abel Jets Group Fleet Pack 8.0 (Extended Pack)

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2020 6:31 pm
by Neocon
I updated and restarted YSCAS. :shock: This pack looks great!

Re: Abel Jets Group Fleet Pack 8.0 (Extended Pack)

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2020 6:34 pm
by Dan
Excellent work guys ;)