(KZS) KZS Packs

Large packs consisting of more than one type of aircraft.
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(KZS) KZS Packs

Post by Iceman » Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:19 pm

[extmod][modtop=KZS]KZS Packs (A,S,D,M)[/modtop]
[previmg]http://raptor.ddo.jp/~ckpacks/seiri/kzs ... kz_lca.png[/previmg]
[moddesc=http://raptor.ddo.jp/~ckpacks/]KZS pack is just one of those packs where you need to really enjoy humor. Full of oddball type flyable aircraft, the pack ranges from a whole slew of semi-detailed F-16s and X-29s, to a flying pig with cannons. KZS Pack S has lots of new sceneries that you can fly in, albeit a bit bright.[/moddesc]
[navmod]Click KZS, then "I understand".[/navmod][/extmod]
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