Kazu Pack (Electric World)

Large packs consisting of more than one type of aircraft.
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Kazu Pack (Electric World)

Post by Iceman » Sat Feb 05, 2011 5:45 am

[extmod][modtop=Mace & Various Modders]ELECTRIC WORLD[/modtop]
[moddesc=http://elworld.s33.xrea.com/]A few amazing packs with some very high quality work of a few different aircraft. The ones that stood out most were the Royal Maces, the F-2s, and the F-14s, all in amazing detail and high quality. One of the must haves for any YSFlight pilot.[/moddesc]
[navmod]Go to YSFlight, then four links from the top. (ダウンロード)[/navmod][/extmod]
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