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[PACK] Mad Sharks Joint Force Pack (2012-09-09)

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2012 3:23 am
by jinwoo716
Mad Sharks Joint Force Pack (2012-09-09)
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MSJF Pack has new .dat files which 20110207 server console cannot readKeyword : console or msjf Now we release MSJF Pack first at HQ. We cannot find original creator of this aircrafts. If original creator see this post, please permit to modify this addon. We'll express very thanksful greeeting for your generous attitude. If you don't want, we'll delete this post by ourselves. Participation of VNAF Airfest2012 will need this pack. Because we participate that airfest too. Feature- F-15E, F-16C, F/A-18C have tail code "MS"- And they have red and blue "shark" marks- E-2C radar has MSJF's main marks- Write "MSJF" for search the aircraft easily Aircraft List1. Main aircrafts of MSJF(Moidified by jinwoo716)E-2C Hawk Eye: Belong to Joint Operation CommandF-15E Strike Eagle: Belong to Mad Sharks Air ForceF-16C Fighting Falcon Block 50: Belong to Mad Sharks Air Force (F-16C Block 40 is upgraded to Block 50)F/A-18C Hornet: Belong to Mad Sharks Navy Force 2. Options(You can have this already, merely modified .dat)F-16C Black AggressorF-16C Blue AggressorT-38: For Training NewbiesT-45: For Training Newbies  I can't find original addon maker of these aircrafts. I feel terribly sorry for making a modified version without asking original maker.If this goes to a big problem, I will delete this pack.Again, to original makers, I am very sorry. Please understand that Korean community doesn't have any addon builders.


Originally posted by jinwoo716

Click the attachment below to download the addon.