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Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 7:54 pm
by Iceman
Category: Hqpack
The new HQP:GAC pack featuring the CH-46 Sea Knight and revised performance for all aircraft. Get it now!


Welcome to the download page of HQP:GAC! This pack should be the first modification you download - it contains everything you need to enjoy YSFlight at it's finest. Aircraft performance is researched, combat tested and accurate as much as we can get it, so that combat is more fair and balanced. Included are a plethora of different aircraft to enjoy, and this pack is constantly updated with new additions.This is a temporary upload page - further details will come later.CURRENT RELEASE:CH-46 Sea Knight/V-107NEXT RELEASE:Panavia Tornado


Originally posted by Iceman
MASA-AT for the entire GAC pack that this pack was based upon - without it, we couldn't have done this!Featuring work from:Iceman Taskforce 58 Dan Dave Bombcat Animal Shutter