Large packs consisting of more than one type of aircraft.
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Post by AdityaB »

@V8-DLA here it is :)

On request of/by V8-DLA, I repainted Neil2's and CHF's B777 and added an extra Najmi's A350, into Singapore Airline Livery, which was news to me on the day is started foraging for reference images :geek: :mrgreen:

This was my best shot. :)

Enjoy flying it.
ImageB777 200 series Singapore Air

ImageB777 300 series Singapore Air

ImageA350 Singapore Air 1) B777 pack neil2
2) B777 pack CHF
2) A350 NajmiCreative
4) Google for background images :mrgreen:
5) most of all, all those who helped me learn blender

And everyone in this forum :) Download Singapore Airline Fleet:
(3.61 MiB) Downloaded 965 times
1) Anyone who seeks to repaint/mod aircraft...
a) ...repainted by me, please ask the original authors mentioned in the thread's and packs for permission.
b) ...modded or created from scratch by me, please inform or just give due credits to the original authors.
2) Anyone who seeks to edit a scenery of mine, please inform and give due credits me before you release them.

I guess this would apply elsewhere too. ;)
For any aircraft by anybody, please do mention due credits.

1) i will be greatful to the server, if they install the aircraft/pack on their servers :)

Thanks a lot
Happy flying :)

Suggetsions and brickbats always welcome :)
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Re: [PACK] SINGAPORE AIRLINES B777 series & A350

Post by Richard Vo »

Nice work. :)
The A380 is ahead of its time. With the resilient passenger traffic growth for times to come (reference from Airbus's Global Market Forecast), plus congested airports, the A380 could not be ignored.

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