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[pack] Yspaintshed :last update:

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 8:43 pm
by tigershark

Hi all new people that join YSFHQ and legend. It is sad to say this will be my last update to my great success pack called Yspaintshed. It has been an honor to repaint and do the great aircraft like the tornado GR4, concorde, l-1011 tristar, Rc-135R river joint, world famous Red arrows, uk awacs e-3d, a-400m set, c-17 set and beech 18 + dc-3 legendary aircraft.

I also like to tell you it going Raf 100 years and i probably going do them scheme but you got the e-3, tristar, a400m, tornado gr4, The Red arrows and c-17.

pls let me know how you enjoy flying the models.

just scroll down and click the link to download.
Download here

tf58: c-17 decals and hawk t.1 models
soji: for the concorde model
Iceman: f-16s bmi model
kuro: his c-17 remodel and decals
oranleed: c-17 model
Ysmajor: dc-3 and beech 18s
Neil: for letting me useing his rad scheme on the l-1011 tristar
utachy: for l-1011 tristar with permission
decaff: e-3d, rc-135r, kc-135 engines and for his decals work
martin: for easyjet decal
cep: for tornado gr4
GAC: for roundles
coop: blue angels decals
tigershark: tornado, A400m, e-3 and -decals

Modded from GAC repaint pack 090927's A340 SAC by YS Major,
pilots from BNI and cockpit from Takaty's 737's DAT modifications by Ricm96 - voyager

Re: [pack] Yspaintshed :last update:

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:31 pm
by Welshy
I'll get this installed on the server tonight.

Great work man, these look good