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[Aircraft] P-47D-10/-28 [WW2]

Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 11:28 am
by K2W
I published new WW2 aircrafts, Republic P-47D.
This include D-10, razor back, &D-28, bubble canopy. They has a little deferent specification from each other.
An explanation is following.
YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR Main Window (OpenGL 2.0 _ ES 2.0) 2020_05_09 17_30_48.png
YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR Main Window (OpenGL 2.0 _ ES 2.0) 2020_05_05 1_06_36.png
YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR Main Window (OpenGL 2.0 _ ES 2.0) 2020_05_09 16_41_09.png
P-47 is a fighter in WW2 era which was operated by U.S.Army Airforce (USAAF) and other Allied forces.
First masproduction type of P-47, P-47B, was installed in 1941. At last 14660 P-47 series fighters were built untill 1945.
P-47 equipped a powerfull turbocharged engine, Pratt & whitney R-2800, with its giant airframe, and fly over 9000m hight with over 650km/h max speed.
Its purpose on development was as high altitude intercepter. However, actually, P-47s were used for bomber escort of strategic bombing against Germany, and used as anti ground striker with their own eight browning AN-M2 machineguns, up to 1.5t bombs and rockets, and its very tough body defended by thick armer.


(Length) 11.02m
(Wing Span) 12.42m
(Empty) 4500kg
(Gross) 6600kg
(Max take-off) 7900㎏
(Engine) P-47D-10 P-47D-28
  R-2800-21 /-59
     (Takeoff)  2000hp/2700rpm(100%*) 2000hp/2700rpm(85%)
(Economical) 950hp/[email protected](60%) 950hp/2150rpm(50%)@15000ft

  (Maximum continuous)1625hp/[email protected](85%) 1625hp/2550rpm(70%)
   (Military) 2000hp/[email protected](100%) 2000hp/2700rpm(85%)
(War emergency) 2300hp/2700rpm(100%)
*throttle in YSFLIGHT)
(Max V)  671km/h(362kt)@27000ft 690km/h(372kt)@30000ft
(Cruise V)  370km/h(200kt)IAS
(Land V)  175km/h(95kt)IAS

(Max Range)  2352km(1270nm)
(Armament)  AN-M2 12.7mm machine gun  x8
500lb or 250lb or 110galtank x3
M8 rocket x8 HVAR x10

unexpected function as YSFLIGHT add-on

canopy: Thrust Vector Key
coulflap・intercooler: A/B key
Hardpoints:Bomb Bay Key
Gunsight mark:arresting hook

Download with my other ww2 aircrafts from

credite : my original

policy: free for modification

Re: [Aircraft] P-47D-10/-28 [WW2]

Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 9:57 pm
by Swift
That is gorgeous! Nice to see some more WW2 planes.

Re: [Aircraft] P-47D-10/-28 [WW2]

Posted: Sun May 10, 2020 3:16 am
by anthsco

Never enough warbirds herein!