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[AIRCRAFT] USAF F-16 Demo Teams East/West

Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 9:47 pm
by Iceman
[mod=(FIXED) USAF Viper EAST and WEST (F-16C)][previmg] ... er2010.png[/previmg]
[moddesc=]Original post by Kurosaki:
Presenting the long awaited for...VIPER EAST AND WEST F-16 demonstration aircraft in 2010 colors (SW and HL tail tags). Both planes feature the "stripped down" mode and configured ready for airshows. Remastered in Blender, both feature the lovely body stencil/segments and new afterburner by Airborne and are fully light capable for night shows...Go grab your lawn chair, and get ready for a sweet show this November!


Base model: BNI/CEP F-16C Falcon
Mesh segments: Airborne
A/B effect: LBG
Original decals for HL version: M4Pix
Consulting: Scarecrow
Painting, construction, edits: Kurosaki
Special thanks to Animal for lighting instruction, and Vincentweb for blender support.[/moddesc]
[instmod]Extract and install.[/instmod][/mod]