[AIRCRAFT] YA-2007 A and C

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[AIRCRAFT] YA-2007 A and C

Post by Boom » Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:30 am

YA-2007 A and C
Category: Aircraft


It is 2025 when the U.S. needs an aircraft that can be built at any cost that allows it to escape enemy fire but use cheaper unguided weapons. The Yusera YA-2007 is a model made around the GAC F-15c_USA. Maneuvering is mainly achieved with thrust vectoring but 2 elevons on the back can be used in case of engine failure. This aircraft can carry large numbers (76 internally carried) of unguided rockets and carries 2 longrange YM-3 guns firing 70 rocket boosted low explosive rounds per second, 3000 total. This is much less cash per target than guided missiles, although it can carry 2 for defense or for hitting smaller targets. The C variant is tailless and is stabilized and yaw controlled by a vent on each engine 1 dm diameter each that can release 250 lbs of thrust and opens and closes instantly. It can carry 16 500lb or 500lb HD bombs as well as 1000 cannon rounds and 36 rockets. It can supercruise mach 1.2 at sea level and 2.1 at 50,000 ft. due to upgraded engines, thin wings, and very streamlined body. Max speed is unknown at this point but hovers around 850 kts at sea level. It is capable of pulling 7 g's with fuel full and no weapons, and c- variant can pull 4 g's fully loaded with 16 bombs, 36 rockets, 1000 cannon rounds and 2 fuel tanks.


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