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Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:51 am
by Viper
RAF Tucano
Category: Aircraft


I finally finished the RAF Tucano paint for the new YS RAF Tucano display team. I started working on this one last October, but for some reason I stopped working on it. A few days ago I started working on it again, and here it is. In this release there are 4 different Tucanos; RAF Display team version, unpainted version, RAF version and a clean version. I had also started painting the RAF Tucano 2010 (the one with the camouflage) but Gepolyx wasn't loading some of the SRFs. If someone would like to send him the DNM of the half ready tucano, just send me a PM. Credits Original model: 2CH Painted by: Viper (NAMW)


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