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[AIRCRAFT] YSDB F-16C Blk. 50 (Dark Blazes 2013-14)

Posted: Fri Dec 27, 2013 8:21 pm
by YSFHQ Archive Bot
YSDB F-16C Blk. 50 (Dark Blazes 2013-14)
Category: Aircraft / Version: 3.0


The title says it all. A tweaked .dat file goes with this. This addon has 2 folders named, SD, and HD. If your computer can handle about 3 GRESP F-16s, then open up the HD folder and drag n drop files into your main YS Root folder. If your computer cannot handle it, open the SD folder and drag n drop files. Difference is that HD has GRESP F-16s that are re-apinted for the YSDB team. SD has user and computer-friendly General Air Combat F-16 repaints that are not so laggy and cant kill your YS. Thank you for downloading!


Originally posted by dtpilot247


Click the attachment below to download the addon.