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[AIRCRAFT] Black Helicopter

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 7:23 pm
by u2fly
Some say that United Nations Organisation loose it power belong last years (his name was Donald or so), but they forget about "black horse" of UN - Black Helicopter...
Some say that many government agencies and corporations do use helicopters, and that some of these helicopters are dark-colored or black...
Some say that there no any "black helicopters", and it's only a myth or legend, but we know the truth...
I sew one, and may tell you: if your will come across it you must RUN away, dude! --
This addon use main look near first TURRET position from start, but it has many view positions, so try choose what is better for you using default F1 shortcut.
In this helicopter are two turrets: one controlled by PILOT and another one controlled by GUNNER.
Also this helicopter use smallest FLARE shape using "null.srf"
- u2fly (this repaint)
- Korea Aircraft Pack (original "UH-60")
P.S.: it could be good addition to "UN Pack"
UPDATED (2016/12/30)
- fixed mesh issues
- remove lights
- small changes io DAT-file