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[SCENERY] The Hump - China in WWII

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 6:28 am
by ysmajor
Hi all,

You might not know it, but I live and work in China. One of my hobbies is reading up on the CBI theater in World War II. As such, I love stories from the Flying Tigers, the Hump, and the Burma Road.

A map to reflect this is this Hump map. It is a scaled down map of China. The real one would be too large.
It contains Guilin (Yangshuo), the Himalayas (I put in some pretty tall mountains - getting the DC-3 up sufficient altitude is actually a struggle), the Japanese forces at the coast lines at Hainan, Kanton, and Nanchang. some battleships to bomb, and Japanese subs to sink.
As it's a mini-version, I figured a few airfields would do the trick.

Feel free to repaint, add fields and starting points, as long as you have fun!