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[SCENERY]YSFS_20th_Anniv._Race map

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 3:56 pm
by K2W
Hello. Every one.
Did you know YSflight get its 20th year Anniversary next Month?
So, I made a race map to celebrate this great anniversary.
This include 2 version of scenery, normal and time attack one.
time attack is available only ver.20181124.
The other one is available later than 20150425.
On old version, checkpoint object occur error message at when you start the program, but you can ignore them by only click "OK".
YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR Main Window (OpenGL 2.0 _ ES 2.0) 2019_03_31 20_43_07.png
Main Window 2019_03_30 19_35_30.png