Dogfight textured map Sandy plains

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Dogfight textured map Sandy plains

Post by ALVARR » Sun May 24, 2020 7:45 am

Dogfight textured map Sandy plains v1 (SANDYPLV1).

This is mostly a flat desert location meant for air to air missions or endurance mode, includes a single airport with runway/airport/airborne start positions and heli-pads.

Note: Initial test version:

Some mountains have a small graphic glitch, Mountains, lakes and rivers need colour transparency correction >>> Those will get fixed later on.
Ground targets for air to ground missions to be added later.

EDIT: The download has been updated to correct most mountains and rivers graphics issues although the map may need a separate opengl version (Read tips section below), the ground targets were also added. It will overwrite the previous one after install.

Supports endurance mode.
Supports close air support mission.

Tested on ysflight ver 20181124 on Windows.

Made on scenery editor 20180704 it may not run properly on old versions of ysflight. EDIT: Also tested on ver 20150425 gl1, gl2, dx and works fine. Does not work on ver 20110207.

Does not require custom ground object packs.

Modification and repaint allowed just give a mention to the original map.

Not tested under Linux!!.


Prefer the d3d9 executable of ysflight when using this map, textures of mountains look way darker on the ysflight gl1/gl2 exe than on the ysflight d3d9 version, on d3d9 you'll get better frame rate too.

Disable clouds for fps boost.

EDIT: Updated download.
(7.77 MiB) Downloaded 223 times
:D :D :D

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