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Post by In Revolt » Thu Apr 01, 2021 9:14 am

Multitextured map of Japan
There is no airfields in this map,just STP over different japanese regions.

Multitexturing is achieved by doubling TER files with same geometry.One TER file
is plain white in colour and carry default repetitive texture.Second TER file is
R160 G160 B160 coloured and textured with semi transparent colour texture.

Used textures are 256x256 pixels,so map will run with any decent GPU.There is no
any NOISE used.Because LINEAR filter creates distinctive seam line at the end of each TER block,textures are filtered with NEAREST filter ,so they look pixelized from close range.

There is two types of maps.First type are All_In_One with individual center and integrated parts.Other type are assembled from small FLD files according to one
center around mount FUJI.

You will need at least 1GB of RAM memory to be able to load entire archipelago map.
May need to wait 1-2 minutes until it loads on old computer and program may crash. Just be patient!

Maybe someday Soji will implement dynamic loading/unloading of FLD around STP in
real time from HDD,so It's worth keeping individual FLD files.

Because Elevation Grid Generator elevates nodes over pixels of heightmap,not faces,so Fujiyama will look like a peak.But crater in texture must be over one of the faces of elevation grid ,therefore some manual adjustment was used.At the end there is slight misalignment between heights and textures.So you may need to
readjust manually some of the nodes at the coast line.

The addon is a completely original work.Give credit to In Revolt!
Textures and heightmaps are created with VTBuilder and edited with GIMP.
Elevation Grid Generator 0.1 from Grigor was used for TER files creation.


Also pack with PNG textures used.


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