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[SCENERY] Mcmurdo Station

Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 6:14 pm
by Gunny
Mcmurdo Station
Category: Maps / Version: 3.01

This is an update # 3 to my first Mcmurdo station. 1:Added some ground objects and there .dat and srf files also an add list for them. So this is important there are no Taxi area on this map but there are taxi ways so do not exeed 15 knots indicated on them or you will fall into a fissure and die. Add .fld file and .stp file to main scenery file overwrite existing files. Copy and paste this line to main scenery list. McmurdoStation scenery/McmurdoStation.fld scenery/McmurdoStation.stp-Re-upload to replace old 4share crap.


Originally posted by Gunny


Click the attachment below to download the addon.