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[SCENERY] Kodiak

Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 6:56 pm
by Gunny
Category: Maps / Version: 3.01

Mod Description: Kodiak release notes for 09-23-2011. Ground and scenery packs for complete Kodiak scenery. Although some ground objects may be contained in a scenery file it is not nessecery for them to be active just to be in Ys memory as there ground .lst files. 1.Stock-Soji Yamakowa 2.PNM-Patrickn 3.Tf58-Task force 58 4.KZS-Unknown 5.YsMajor-Himself 6.GOP-Unknown 7.LordFlashheart-Himself 8.BNI-Iceman Just as a suggestion you may want to increase your VOR-DME.dat distance reading capabilitys too like 3000 miles for this map. Feel free to adjust this map to your needs and likings.But if you re-release it name me as the original auther. A Re-App.


Originally posted by Gunny


Click the attachment below to download the addon.