[SCENERY] BHUTAN (Version 1)

i.e. airports, maps, race courses, carrier fleets, etc.
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[SCENERY] BHUTAN (Version 1)

Post by AdityaB » Sun Mar 27, 2016 9:35 am

Hello flyers,

The location: Bhutan

This map contains 4 airports and 1 helipad: Airports:
1) Paro
2) Yonphulla
3) Bathpalathang
4) Gelephu
1) IMTRAT Thank you,

:) ;) :D
1) PMNV ground objects
2) YS Major's okawa ground objects
3) Airbourne's ground objects
4) mh3w's ground objects
5) tf58's ground objects

if I am missing anybody, do let me know, thanks :) Here is why about Version 1...:

The terrain will be shaped a little more. Also, i will try to add more helipads (of I spot any, or suggested by someone), and make ground objects for the map.
Therefore there will/might be a Version 2 and subsequently maybe Version 3. ;)

Also, there will be related aircrafts released soon.... DOWNLOAD BHUTAN:
(4.22 MiB) Downloaded 275 times
1) Anyone who seeks to repaint/mod aircraft...
a) ...repainted by me, please ask the original authors mentioned in the thread's and packs for permission.
b) ...modded or created from scratch by me, please inform or just give due credits to the original authors.
2) Anyone who seeks to edit a scenery of mine, please infrom and give due credits me before you release them.

I guess this would apply elsewhere too. :) Let me know about any errors ... :)

Thanks a lot :)
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:) :) :)
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