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Honey Badger
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57th Polyvalent Sq
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Status Update

Post by Honey Badger » Sun Jul 13, 2014 4:54 pm

So a few months ago, I rather unceremoniously left the community without warning or reason. I honestly can't recall the reason at this time but I see no reason not to "come back" now.

In other words, whats up? How's it going? Is the sky blue? JK. The real reason I left was because I got pulled into the 15th MEU Arma 3 Realism Unit. The guys so good at realism gaming, one senior member told me they were contacted by the US DoD and told to back off on the realism. They did and have now managed to achieve a point where they walk the fine line between security threatening realism and good old fashioned fun (lets face it, the 15th kills about 7000 baddies a month in missions, FTXs and trainings. Real marines might see five baddies a week, and four times out of five, they won't even engage). Basically, we get stomped on a lot but we know how to dish it out too. We have 6 Rifle platoons and two Weapons Platoons. That's about 450-550 active duty infantrymen. That figure doesn't include Company HQs (we have two for about another 10-20 members), MEU HQ (10), ACE (Air Combat Element: F-18Ds, F35s, UH-1Ys, AH-1Zs, CH-46s, CH-53Es=50-100), Titan (M1A1s=20), Gator (AAVs=30), FORCON (15), Corpsmen (40), and the 100 reserve members......We're pretty big.

My role in all of this is as an Automatic Rifleman in Gambler 1-2-C (Third Fireteam, Second Squad, 1st Platoon, Echo Company). I'm the second in command which can be pretty stressful when you're being overrun and your FTL (Fireteam Leader) is down. Its hella fun though. Just go look up Jester814 on YouTube if you want to see what we do. He's the CO of Foxtrot Company (AKA Fox Company, callsign Haymaker) so you won't see my company (Echo Company, callsign Gambler) but you will get an idea of what the unit does from his stuff.

Enough about that, though. How's it going with you guys? I wasn't gone for long but I've already spotted a ton of new faces around and noticed some name changes (Shiny Rice? The hell did that come from?). I hope to be more active around here but I haven't touched YS in months. The 15th is pretty time consuming as well. We have Fireteam trainings and Squad trainings every weekend and Task Force size Operations every other Sunday (where a rifle platoon receives support from Weapons, ACE, Titan, or Gator. Usually a combination of all of them so we get 70-80 people on a server at once. It's pretty intense....). I'll try to stay active, though. Real life has slowed down a lot for me for so I have time to dedicate to two communities.

In closing for the new people that don't know me (or old members that forgot): Joined HQ in 2011, Ex-XO of the 57th, multiple hiatuses, Metalcore, Anime, explosions. I feel like I know you all better now.
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Shiny Rice
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57th Polyvalent Sq
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Re: Status Update

Post by Shiny Rice » Sun Jul 13, 2014 6:25 pm

Well, it's just too mainstream, too many people are called Rise and Shine. So I went original. We ain't done anything in the 57th, I'm working on my game lotsa.
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