Possibilities to speak while flying?

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Possibilities to speak while flying?

Post by Irukh » Sun Sep 21, 2014 4:37 pm

I have once tryed to use network flying. I could chat while flying, but how do I speak with others? Is it possible for someone to "sit beside" and give critics/teach flying, and speak through headset? I was reading somwhere on ysfhq that it is possible to see others planes and even change wiew to see how it looks from other pilots places. I don't like the idea to type and fly at the same time.
I'm very new here. I was by the way alone in the air while trying the network. Witch map have often other pilots?

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Re: Possibilities to speak while flying?

Post by Turbofan » Sun Sep 21, 2014 5:17 pm

The most-preferred option by far as an alternative to the text chat is to use Teamspeak (current version is 3).

Yes, it is possible to switch to flightdecks of other pilots on a server. You have to exit your plane first though, then press the "V" key, then hit F5. Keep pressing F5 to switch from flight deck to flightdeck. Only thing is, at the moment you cannot switch to another plane's cockpit when you are also flying.

Unfortunately, not many players join the servers these days, which has been the topic of several discussions. Now that school has started even more so. That being said there are players who do fly online (including me). You'll find the most people on servers on the weekends, especially on Saturday/Sunday evenings (U.S.)

And last but not least, welcome to YSFHQ. Hope you enjoy it here :).
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Re: Possibilities to speak while flying?

Post by Ace Lord » Sun Sep 21, 2014 5:25 pm

Welcome to YSFlight Headquarters Irukh. I see that Turbofan has already answered your questions, but feel free to use the resources we have here, especially in the General YS and Add-on Release sections, to improve your gameplay experience.

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Re: Possibilities to speak while flying?

Post by Barr » Sun Sep 21, 2014 7:45 pm

Well i like to chat and fly. And I occasionally use the teamspeak client but only when other pilots are on.

Also the servers or "network flying" are mostly busy on the weekends like Turbo said. As for the maps you can check which map is being used for each server on the server list. Link is your right under the control panel and teamspeak status widget.
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